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Patio Renovation: 5 Essentials You May Be Missing 150 150 Elite Gas

Patio Renovation: 5 Essentials You May Be Missing

Your patio is a separate entity from your home. It’s a space that allows you to get as creative and comfortable as you want to by adding intricate details. If you haven’t given it much thought, maybe you should consider adding a brand-new grill to the mix. Maybe you have one already and it’s slowly starting to look like the years that have gone. It’s time to replace it with a grill that is updated, has all the bells and whistles, and is functional for your family. A pool or Jacuzzi is a great essential to add to your patio. Who doesn’t love a relaxing soak in the tub under the nighttime sky? These elements are all essential to add to your patio and can be beneficial if you intend to sell your home later on. Check out these five items (you may be missing) that make a fully functional patio!

Heated Pools

Heat up with a warm and tranquil heated pool. Even Florida has its share of cool yet refreshing weather; this is crucial time to take advantage of installing a hot tub or Jacuzzi, or even a heater in your outdoor pool. What better way to spend a cool evening than lounging in your pool among the serenity of the tropical paradise that is your backyard?

Tiki Torches

“Fight the bite” with these handy essentials that make the great outdoors more enjoyable. Adding traditional tiki torches with a gas tiki set for your patio can also help your guests enjoy a peaceful sunset and starry night without the dim or poor lighting. These tiki torches add a classic feel and inviting vibe without the worry of running low on citronella candles.

Gas Grills

You simply cannot have a patio without adding a state-of-the-art gas grill. Well, you can, but don’t you want the convenience of cooking tasty and healthy meals whenever you want? A gas grill can be customized to the unique style and flavor of your home. Local experts such as Elite Gas Company can offer a wide range of brands that are of the highest quality. Your gas grill should be made to stand even the toughest weather elements. Choosing a propane gas grill is energy efficient and more useful than natural gas. Get an estimate from one of our local Elite Gas experts today.

Fire Pits

Not just your average fire pit, you can get creative and unique by adding your own style to a customized fire pit. They can make the outdoor life more cozy and convenient when you want your guests to enjoy a tropical oasis in your own backyard. What’s more, not all are created equal and you have many to choose from. A gas fire pit is clean, as you don’t have to worry about cleaning up wood bits or any debris afterward. Gas fire pits are a safe and practical way to enjoy the great outdoors.

Cook Tops and Ranges

Your patio could use an outdoor cooktop, which doesn’t have to be expensive, just practical. An outdoor cooktop or range can come with a built-in grill, plenty of space for utensils, and just enough stove space for universal cooking. Nothing fancy, just practical. For example, rather than getting up to go inside to the house for the rest of the beverages, wouldn’t you prefer a compact refrigerator or wine cooler within reach in your outdoor space? It’s just another conveniently added bonus to your patio station!

For more information on how to get the patio of your dreams, call the experts at Elite Gas Company today!

Replacing Your Propane Tank 101 150 150 Elite Gas

Replacing Your Propane Tank 101

Your propane tank offers quite a bit of assistance to you and your home. From outdoor cooking to drying your laundry and outdoor fire pits; you will probably have a difficult time functioning without your tank. There are several common residential tanks and they all have slightly different uses within your home. In order to keep an efficient functioning tank, you must understand that there is more to it than just checking for low fuel. Keep these energy-saving tips in mind for maintaining a healthy fuel tank.

Common residential sizes of propane tanks and their common use

Propane tanks come in various sizes from 100 pounds to 1,000 gallons. The 500 gallon tanks, for example, are beneficial to larger homes that have a furnace fireplace, gas hot water heaters, and are often used to fuel more than one appliance. This tank is generally placed above ground. The 100 pound tank is use for drying clothes and cooking. This common tank sits above ground as well, taking up very little space. Remember, aside from the furnace, in just one year dryers can use 15-25 gallons of propane and hot water heaters range from 200-300 a year depending on the size of your family.

When caring for your propane tank

Take note that after periods of time in the sun, the tank will get rusty in color and will slowly absorb the heat and cause excess pressure buildup inside the tank. This will cause the relief valve to pop up or not seal entirely, eventually leading to gas leakage and the valve will then need to be replaced. This also presents more unseen problems leading to a faulty tank that will unnecessarily need to be replaced. Homeowners can avoid this problem by painting the tank a reflective color so the sun’s heat doesn’t damage. Don’t let your tank run out of gas. Fire explosions are just one of the major hazards attached to this should you wait until it’s empty to fill it. Again, if the valve is left open, this could lead to air and moisture being trapped inside, causing the tank to fill while rust can build up inside.

Repair when needed

Should your tank need minor repairs, you should be well-equipped to handle the job. State law requires constant maintenance of propane tanks for safety reason. If a tank is considered beyond repair, it will be taken out of service immediately. Replacing the tank parts should only take place when the tank is empty. These parts replacements jobs would include the parts of the service valve and float assembly of percentage gauge as well as filling or relieving the valve. However, you do not have to empty the tank for maintenance such as leveling and painting (depending on the size of tank), tightening thread valves, tightening dial screws and dial chamber of leaky percentage gauge, and pigtail or regulator replacement. No matter what size or type of propane tank you have, let a professional help you with the details.

When you need to replace your tank

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your propane tank, you should immediately contact your local gas company. Anything gas related needs to be address right then. So, how do you know when it’s time to change your tank? By law, when your tank is at least 12 years old, you need to replace it because it can no longer be filled. Whether you know or do not know the age of your tank, call a professional for assistance. They know the steps to safely replace your propane tank, no matter the size.

At Elite Gas, we don’t just deliver and install your tank; we take great care in how you settle for the days to come. We expect concerns and questions regarding your tank and would be happy address them. Call us today for estimates and information on your propane tank installation.

Why you should invest in a pool heater 150 150 Elite Gas

Why you should invest in a pool heater

Why you should invest in a pool heater

The cooler months are upon us in Florida but you can still enjoy a dip in the pool every now and then too. If your pool is one of the popular areas that your neighbors love to hang out, you need a pool heater to keep your pool warm for when that weather gets a little chilly during the day or night. So, now that you’ve decided that you want a heater in your pool, how do you get one? Who can you trust to install it properly and what are your heating options? Below, you will find some questions and tips for choosing the right pool heater for you.

Side or edge of swimming pool

Home Swimming Pool

What are my options?

Heating a pooling is more in-depth than you think because you have many options to choose from based on the type of pool that you have. An electric heater is actually a form of solar heating where it pulls the heat from the air when the sun is out. Gas outdoor heaters use natural or propane and burn fuel in a chamber while the pool water runs through copper coils to return warm water to your pool. Solar heaters are energy efficient and quite popular. These heaters use the suns energy to circulate water through an existing pool pump that is located on the roof or in the yard.

Swim at your own leisure

Pool heaters are a beneficial investment especially because you can stretch your pool season by twice as much, longer than most (geographical) areas. Since Florida generally doesn’t have to worry too much about cold weather, a heated pool will come in handy for those months that are pretty chilly.

How much heat do you need?

If you only want to heat up to 10 degrees in your pool, you can install any heater except gas. A gas heater will allow up to 40 degrees, like a hot tub. For cooler nights that can get as low as 50 degrees, even in a tropical setting, a gas outdoor heater for your pool will do justice.

What’s my cost?

These three heaters will vary in cost and will depend on how often you use your heater. Electric pumps can be less expensive than gas pumps, saving you $5 dollars each use. Gas outdoor heaters will also vary in price depending on how often you use the pool. You could cut your bill in half by using a solar blanket throughout the day, naturally heating the pool and ultimately using less gas to heat it completely. Lastly, solar heating would be least expensive because you are solely depending on the heat from the sun to raise the temperature in the pool. You will need to keep your water filtering through the pool to regulate the water so the only operating cost would come from using the solar heating panels.


Whether it’s just you or you and your family that enjoy your pool year round, it comes down to how often you sue your pool to determine which heater will benefit you.


Most efficient Outdoor Grills in Palm City 150 150 Elite Gas

Most efficient Outdoor Grills in Palm City

Autumn is vastly approaching various parts of world but for South Florida, we still have a few more weeks of warm weather. While it may get down to a cool temperature at night, you can still fire up the grill and have a BBQ with your neighbors. Maybe you’re thinking about investing in a top-of-the-line grill but don’t want to spend a small fortune? Perhaps you’d like to upgrade your current grill for an energy efficient gas grill. This list of efficient grills in Palm City will help you determine the appropriate option for your home.


Whether you want an outdoor kitchen with a luxurious, all-inclusive island or a handy grill with all the bells and whistles, Sedona grills by Lynx offer fully functioning grills that meet all needs. Its stainless steel construction is able to withstand the moody South Florida weather during the cooler months and offers a simple no-fuss cleaning method. With this grill, you won’t worry about evening cooking. The ceramic briquettes are in place to infuse food from every ounce the drippings that you think are discarded. These Sedona grills are exceptionally exquisite for outdoor parties and large families that enjoy entertaining their friends and neighbors.


The Asado grill offers unique features that bring out the professional chef in all of us. Two cooking zones allow for even cooking no matter the temperature. You can have a steak on one side and veggies on the other, allowing the natural elements to flavor your dish to perfection. A beautiful stainless steel finish shelter the welded construction inside, making it rust-free. Gone are the days that required messy and greasy, scalding hot trays to clean! This grill offers easy removal of the dishwasher-safe tray.

Lynx Professional

So, you want the restaurant-grade grill that will make your guests sizzle with excitement and awe? You’ve come to the right place. Lynx has made a way for anyone to enjoy the high-quality flavor in every bite. The Professional series by Lynx provides built-in or freestanding grills in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Whether you’re a master chef or an aspiring cook, this serious contender will offer even the first-timer a chance to discover sensational food flavors. The built-in grills provide little mess and don’t take up much space. They are readily equipped with a rotisserie, two burners, or both, depending on what you prefer. Freestanding grills offer rotisserie and two burners (or both) and are easy to move and shift around your patio and easy to clean. Whether you choose the freestanding or built, both are customized with controlled LED illumination, a heat stabilizing design, stainless steel grates, premium smoke box is included, and much more.

Professional Installation

Let a reliable contractor install your grill for you. This will save you the hassle of worrying if you’ve missed a step or if it will be ready in time for the big BBQ. They will securely fasten the grill to your desired location and will be available should issues arise upon completion.

Advantages of Propane Gas 150 150 Elite Gas

Advantages of Propane Gas

We’d like to kick off this first post by welcoming you to the Elite Gas blog. We intend to provide you with tips, news, and other information related to propane gas, energy use, and outdoor activities.

To start things off, we would like to first get to one of the more important questions: why propane? There are many advantages to choosing to use propane gas over other forms of energy like charcoal and electricity. We’re going to take time to highlight some of those benefits here.

Propane is Economical

One of the biggest advantages to propane is in terms of cost. In terms of BTUs (a measure of heat energy) to dollars spent, nothing beats out propane. Since you probably won’t be worried about heating your home for most of the year, the primary place these savings are realized are in the kitchen. Propane stoves, grills, and other cooking appliances are able to heat your food for far less than electric equivalents would cost you.

These savings are especially important for restaurants where even a few dollars per hour saved running a stove can mean the difference between turning a profit and breaking even.

Heating Efficiency

Since propane is so efficient at what it does, that means it can heat things much quicker than electricity can. This is important when cooking or when heating a home. The use of a propane gas grill can help you grill up burgers more quickly, serving hungry guests far more efficiently. This is why the propane grill is as much a staple of the backyard barbeque as burgers, hot dogs, and aprons with funny slogans emblazoned on the front.

Propane is Plentiful

One of the major concerns with oil is the simple fact that we are running out. Propane, however, is in plentiful supply. This is part of the reason why it is so economical – we have a lot of it. Furthermore, since 90% of all propane is produced in the US, making use of propane will reduce dependency on foreign oil. In short, switching to propane will help to make the present energy crisis far easier to manage.

Long Term Storage

One of the great things about propane is how long you can keep it in storage for. Tanks require little in the way of maintenance and can last 40 years. This means if you stock up on propane but do not have any immediate plans for use that’s fine none of the money is wasted! You can sit on a few tanks of propane gas until they’re needed for as long as you need to… well… assuming you expect that need to happen before you retire.

Environmental Friendliness

Propane gas produces far fewer hydrocarbons than gasoline, and the gas it releases is non-toxic. This is why propane is recognized as a “green” energy, and has been since 1992. As such, if you are concerned about the environment you can be assured that using propane will give you a smaller carbon footprint than if you burn the same amount of electricity.

Ultimately, there are many reasons why propane is one of your best options for your heating and cooking needs. If we’ve convinced you, feel free to get in touch with us and we can set up your propane system.