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Propane Powered Heater Usage 150 150 Elite Gas

Propane Powered Heater Usage

Propane heaters are among the many widely-used items for homeowners. In case of an emergency, the heater is ready for use. The propane tank is a great way to efficiently and quickly heat the desired area. But in order to get the most out of your heater – and play it safe – specific care must be taken. This article will breakdown the proper propane standards and safety when you need to use your propane heater.

Efficient Usage and Safety Protocol

Propane heaters serve their purpose but not without safety precautions. Carbon monoxide is a harmful, odorless gas that is deadly in closed spaces. Use caution when operating this machine by keeping your propane unit outside your home or workspace. Place your heater in a well-ventilated area away from people. Outside is the best place to keep your heater as it will rid any fumes from entering your home. You can efficiently heat the closed space without breathing in the toxic odors by angling the heater through an outside window.

There are different types of heaters with BTU (British Thermal Unit) ratings and the higher the rating, the more powerful the unit. If you’re using the the heater in a small room, you don’t need a high rating.

Before you power on your propane heater, check your connections. Propane is highly flammable and should there be a leak anywhere on the tank, it will cause an explosion. In order to ensure the tank is leak-free, make a soap and water solution and apply it to the tank. If you see the solution start to bubble anywhere over the tank, you’ll know right away there’s a leak and the tank needs to taken to a propane dealer in Palm City. Once you have a full and damage-free tank, you can proceed with lighting the heater. Most propane heaters have a label indicating where to light. In order for a sufficient amount of fuel to enter the area of ignition, it’s crucial to have your tank on a medium setting. You can ignite the ‘light here’ by match or torch and your tank should activate immediately and remain active until fuel is low or it’s shut off. Some models have a valve that you push as you light the match. This valve sends the fuel directly to the lit match. When it’s time to shut down your propane heater, turn off the valve that is set to medium and your tank will begin immediate cool-down.

Propane heaters are a wonderful element to add to your emergency items lists. Safety precautions and preparation guidance is necessary should an emergency arise. Propane has has many uses, especially when it comes to emergency storm prep. And whether you’re looking for commercial or residential propane in Palm City, it’s important to find a reputable dealer. Elite Gas Co. has been servicing the Palm City area for 16 years and counting. Our dedicated team of professionals are ready to offer sound advice when it comes to your propane needs. Drop us a line today. We are ready to answer your propane questions!


When You Should Replace Your Propane Tank 150 150 Elite Gas

When You Should Replace Your Propane Tank

Almost everything expires at one time or another. This also goes for your propane tanks. So whether you swap out your old tank for a new one or refill the one you have, you’ll need to ensure that your propane tank is up to date. They have codes and expiration dates that most individuals don’t deem as necessary to pay attention to. But for your safety, these codes have significant meaning. This article will help you determine if you should replace your propane tank.

What Do the Numbers Mean?

If you look around your cylinder tank, you will notice two sets of numbers that stand for the Manufacturing date and Requalification date. In order to safely use the propane tank, cylinders must be requalified periodically. To ensure your tank is up to safety standards, check both dates on the tank. For the manufacturing date, your tank must be requalified within 12 years. If the manufacturing date is older than 12 years, you’ll look for the requalification date. You may even notice other markings on your cylinder, too. This tends to get quite confusing for homeowners and your local propane provider in Palm City can help you figure it out. Your propane tank has many advantages. In order to keep it working efficiently, annual inspections must be done.

Requalification Guide

The identifying marks on the collar tell you about the cylinders entirety. You can see the U.S. DOT specifications, cylinder specification type, area for requalification date/retested, cylinder serial number, cylinder service pressure, manufactures name, and original manufacturer date/month/year/inspectors mark.

In compliance with safety regulations, all cylinders must be inspected prior to filling. Your local propane provider in Palm City will have already performed this thorough inspection before the tank is placed in your care. Just a few key elements to look out for are:

  1. Dents, bulges, cracks, and cuts to the surface of the cylinder or any other part of the weld is a sign of abuse and cannot be filled.
  2. Damage to the footring, collar, or valve cover will pose a threat to the tank and must not be used.
  3. Any leaky valves or defective pressure relief will constitute a faulty tank.

Cylinders that haven’t been requalified can pose serious risk for injury or death. All tanks must be updated to the most recent repairs, too, and inspected by an authorized U.S DOT facility prior to use. If you’re unsure of the life of your propane tank and you’ve attempted to try these methods above, don’t hesitate to call a propane provider in Palm City right away.

Need a tank inspection? When you’re unsure of the quality and qualification on your cylinder, don’t hesitate to call one of our Elite Gas specialist today. We’ll take care of the inspection and exchange your tank without hassle. Contact our team, today!


The Reason Why Your Propane Tank is Never Full 150 150 Elite Gas

The Reason Why Your Propane Tank is Never Full

If you’re familiar with your propane tank and notice that it doesn’t quite reach the top when you fill it, you may be wondering why. Propane tanks are filled to 80% of their capacity, known as ‘The 80% Rule’. About 14 million families worldwide use propane as a means of heating, cooking and cooling. Few know why you can’t just ‘top it off’ when it comes to filling the tank.

While the main reason is safety, these broken down reasons will remind you to keep the 80% rule in mind when filling your propane tank.

The 80/20 Rule Explained

Just like water, propane expands with heat, over 17 times the volume and much more than water. Above ground tanks – such as a gas grill – are vulnerable to weather changes. Underground tanks are less susceptible to weather change so they can hold a bit more. The 80/20 rule can be calculated by 0.8 and the size of your propane tank. No matter how you use your propane tank, it’s important to consider the 80% rule.

So how do you know if your tank is at capacity? Aside from using the 80% rule calculation, there are a few simple ways to test the capacity of your tank.

The Water Method –

While it’s not entirely accurate, this method will give you a good idea of how much gas is in the tank. First, unplug the tank completely. Fill a small bucket with warm water and pour it up and down the side of the tank. If there is enough propane where you poured the water, the tank will feel warmer. If not, it will feel cooler.

The Weight –

The average propane tank weighs about 18.5 pounds empty. You can use a scale that you have at home to weigh your tank and subtract that from 18.5. This is an accurate way to determine how much propane you have left.

Gauge It –

Another sure-fire way to determine the capacity of your tank is by a reading gauge that you stick on your tank. This gauge will change color with the change of temperature as the gas or liquid in the tank gets lower. These ultrasonic tools are inexpensive and time-saving.


Lastly, safety is always first when it comes to filling your propane tank. This is the main reason that homeowners use the 80% rule and follow it. If you’re still unsure about the accurate capacity of your propane tank, contact an expert local contractor. Should you notice any odors emanating from your grill other than food related, shut it off and contact a propane expert. You may need a replacement tank altogether.

A good BBQ starts with safety precautions and obtaining the best propane tank for your needs. Are you ready to turn in your old tank or looking to get a new one? Contact the Elite Gas Contractors for estimates and expert advice today!

7 Safety Tips During Hurricane Season 150 150 Elite Gas

7 Safety Tips During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is upon us in Florida. And that means that we should be taking preparatory measures to ensure safety for our homes and our families should disaster strike. So, whether it’s a tropical storm with heavy winds or severe rain and electrical storms, it’s best to be safe than sorry. According to National Hurricane Center, over on hundred direct deaths were reported in Florida as a result of 2017 Irma. From bottling gallons of water to getting an efficient propane tank in Palm City, these simple steps will help you prepare for hurricane season.

Plan Ahead

Don’t wait for signs of a hurricane slowing down, plan your evacuation route, food supplies, fill your gas tank while the storm is still at tropical storm status. Furthermore, you should contact your local propane supplier in Palm City to be sure that can have your tank ready and inspected before the storm hits. Batteries, flashlights, a mapped out evacuation route, protective clothing and important insurance/medical documents are all vital items that should be within your reach.

Be Alert

Always have your phone ready, television, and radio within reach so you’re constantly receiving updated information regarding the storms progression. While meteorologists rely on advanced technology to keep them updated, we need to be take our part in heeding their instruction.

Hurricane Home Prep

It isn’t a bad idea to invest in hurricane windows during the season. Because windows are the most vulnerable part of the house, hurricane windows are cost effective and are made to withstand heavy winds and rain.

Trim your Yard

According to an article by American Forests, Hurricane Ike knocked down 31,000 trees in 2008. This includes trees in yards or lots in residential areas. 100-mile-an-hour winds can uproot a tree and damage a house within seconds. A simple low-maintenance trimming to your tree limbs and bushes in your yard will reduce the risk of damage to yours and your neighbors’ home.

Emergency Generator

It’s no doubt that power outages will occur during hurricane-force winds. It’s important to invest in a reliable generator or have yours maintenance before disaster strikes. Contact a local expert company who will guide you along.

Fix Your Home

Broken windows and cracks in the roof are a recipe for disaster, even if a not-so-heavy storm sweeps by. It can easily make a tear that can lead to foundation problems, mold, and other costly expenses if a hurricane does hit. Seal those cracks and fix the windows before the wind and rain begin. Should it need replacing, now is the time to put in the storm windows.

Perhaps you’re ready to get a new propane tank. Or you need a propane tank rental in Palm City. Maybe you need an inspection on your current tank. Whatever the case, don’t wait until it’s too late to prepare. Call the tank experts at Elite Gas today. We will help you get ready for this seasons stormy forecast!

Basic safety tips for your LPG Cylinder 150 150 Elite Gas

Basic safety tips for your LPG Cylinder

LPG cylinders are found in a lot of households. Given its widespread use, it is crucial that we follow certain precautions to prevent any untoward incidents. We come across numerous cases where LPG cylinders explode causing serious injuries and even death. Safety of individuals is the greatest concern for authorized LPG providers. Most providers regard the safety of customers as their utmost priority and even the slightest of mistake can lead to unimaginable loss and damage. While there have been remarkable improvements in safety standards, accidents can occur anytime. That’s why it is important to safeguard ourselves with certain safety tips to prevent any unforeseen events.

Why is LPG Cylinder Safety Tips Important?
Nowadays, we see LPG being commonly used in various industries and households. The obvious reason is that it is affordable, eco-friendly and less hazardous than its alternatives. It has certainly proved itself as one of the most reliable and easily manageable fuels. The incidents which are caused by LPG cylinder are due to negligent use and not because of the volatile nature of LPG itself.

Minimise the risks by following these simple tips: When using LPG cylinder

  • Never use it indoors or in restricted spaces.
  • Always read the manufacturer’s operating instructions.
  • Do not connect or disconnect cylinders near a naked flame.
  • Always keep cylinders cool and away from flames, sparks and heat.
  • It is important to check for –
  1. Cracks in the gas regulator
  2. Blockage in the pipes
  3. The O-ring of the pipe that connects the LPG cylinders to appliances.
  • Get your cylinder checked during refill.
  • Do not keep cylinders without a secure cap on the valve.
  • Cylinder must be installed on a level floor.

When Transporting LPG Cylinders: Transportation of LPG cylinders also poses a safety risk. Many explosions have occurred in the past where leaking gas has ignited inside the transportation vehicles.

  • Turn off the main cylinder valves and don’t over tighten them.
  • Ensure that there is no leakage from the main valve.
  • Cylinders are secured and placed in an upright position.
  • Cylinders should not be transported on a passenger seat or foot-well.

When Cooking With LPG

  • Always keep your windows open to keep the kitchen ventilated.
  • Do not place flammable or plastic items near the flame.
  • Turn pan handles away from the flame.

If you smell any gas leaking, the safety measures are

  • Don’t operate electrical switches.
  • Ensure that the stoves are switched off.
  • Don’t light any flames or matchsticks if you detect a smell.
  • Open all doors and windows.
  • Call your LPG distributor right away

Maintenance of LPG cylinder

  • The gas cylinder must be replaced or relisted and stamped every 10 years.
  • To check any gas leakage, spray soap water on the pipe and watch for bubbles.
  • Never interfere with safety valves.

As they say, prevention is better than cure, therefore keep the safety tips in mind and enjoy the various benefits of LPG in a safe manner.

Propane safety tips for Summer 150 150 Elite Gas

Propane safety tips for Summer

Summer is here and most of us have already made plans. Arrival of summer means schools and universities are out, parks & beaches are packed and everyone is up for some fun in the sun. Awesome weather and long days means rounding up family and friends, firing up the grill and arranging a big feast! Using a grill is easy but you still have to be very careful when it comes to handling propane. We have listed a few simple tips to keep in mind for a safe and enjoyable vacation.

According to researchers, most fire incidents happen due to improper usage of grills.

Keep a Check

When summer begins, make sure to get your grill checked. There are chances that a grill needs repair or replacement. Have a professional check your grill for any required repairs. A faulty wire or cracked hose is a major reason of mishaps.

Keep the Objects Away

Once the party starts, chances are that you will be distracted with all the fun and activity around. In that case, we would suggest that you keep all flammable objects away from the grills as they can easily catch fire. Also, make sure to place the grill in an open area where there are no chances of a mishap. Keep your grill at least ten feet away from obstructions including trees, outdoor furniture and your house. Fire extinguishers are a must have when it comes to grilling.

Light the grill Carefully

Light up the grill with utmost care! Ignite the burner only after opening the lid in order to avoid buildup of gas. Take proper precaution while lighting the burner. Use long-handled barbecue utensils to avoid burns. Also, don’t forget to turn off both the burner and the cylinder valve when you finish cooking. Clean your grill regularly; allowing grease and fat to build up on your grill adds more fuel for a fire.

Supply of Propane

When you’re using a propane tank for grilling, check all the points to make sure it’s not leaking from anywhere. Avoid rough handling of the cylinder.

Use the above mentioned tips to spend a safe, happy and food filled summer with your family and friends.

Happy grilling!!

For any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our trained professionals anytime.

3 Basic Questions to ask before you hire a Propane Gas Company 150 150 Elite Gas

3 Basic Questions to ask before you hire a Propane Gas Company


If you’re planning to get a new propane gas pipeline, the most important thing to consider is what is best for you and your family. In America most companies provide similar services at similar quality levels, but choosing the best amongst them can be a daunting task for anyone. If you are searching for a good propane gas company you should make a check list of questions that can help you selecting a company that meets all your requirements.

Having a propane company answer these 5 questions will guide you on the right path in choosing the highest quality propane provider that can fulfill your home’s energy needs.

Charges and Incentives for new customers?

If you’re choosing a new propane gas company, then being a new customer is never free. When you sign up to become a customer, things like tank delivery or installation fees are rarely mentioned. But reputable companies that value their customers offer incentives to offset the sign up costs. Ask if they offer any such incentives so you don’t have to pay more than your propane and delivery when you switch.

Payment and Budget Plans

We all are well aware of the fact that signing up for propane gas is a price-based decision. When you contact the propane gas provider, do ask them for the various delivery plans they offer. Try not to sign up with a company on the basis of price per gallon, you may end up signing up with a cheap and low quality propane gas provider. Instead of going for a price per gallon model, sign on the deal on the facts of their services for example how can the company help you out in managing your long term payments. Ask them about their various payment plans that can help you with your monthly investment.

Diversified Services

Gas companies are spreading their roots and expanding their services like providing periodic appliance maintenance, helping you handle emergency situations, as well as home improvement. Their services also includes emergency propane delivery, gas line checks and appliance tune-ups.

These questions can you finding the ideal propane provider. Write down your propane service questions before making a call and always ask for more information on any question. A reliable propane company will have no problem in answering any and all of your queries.


The Many Uses of Propane 150 150 Elite Gas

The Many Uses of Propane



It is important to know the various uses of propane before installing it in your home. Only after having gathered all the information related to the different activities in your house such as cooking, heating etc. can you opt for setting up a regular propane delivery service to your house.


The most common use of propane is for cooking appliances either indoors or outdoors. Appliances such as a stove or oven in your kitchen, or outdoor grills, make use of propane as a cooking gas. Outdoor grills that utilize propane do not require much clean up after using them as they produce substantially less smoke. Moreover, there is no chance of the charcoal odor being transferred to the food. The flames are produced evenly and the grill can be switched on and off very quickly. Propane is a very efficient and safe cooking fuel that makes your cooking hassle free. It offers many benefits when compared to electric burners and ovens. You have the advantage of even heat control that is not commonly found in electric burners.

Indoor Heating

Propane can be utilized for many household activities. One of them is obviously the heating of the interior of the house. Explore its usefulness for ideas such as heat lamps – and keep all the rooms warm and cozy in the winter. You can even consider connecting it to an alternative heat source. Propane is a very good alternative to electricity. The units using propane are more reliable during the winters and very useful for acutely cold climate.

Water Heating

Propane is also used to heat water in houses. Propane can be used in both tank-less water heaters as well as water heaters with traditional storage tanks. It is a much better choice over electric water heaters as propane powered tanks, apart from heating quickly, are also eco-friendly and energy efficient. This results in saving a lot of money for your water bills.


Laundry is another important matter where propane can be used effectively. While a propane heater provides you with warm water, you can use propane dryers for providing warm air to dry clothes. The propane which is used elsewhere in the house can be easily be used in propane dryers as well since the propane requirements for laundry drying is minimal.

Backup power

Propane generators are very useful whenever there is a power outage. Even though a propane generator might not be able to power up all your appliances, you can still run most of them – quite a few devices & appliances in the unlikely event of a power outage. Knowing that you will never have to spend cold winter nights without a heater gives much needed peace of mind as well!

The Importance of your Cooking Range 150 150 Elite Gas

The Importance of your Cooking Range

One always dreams of a big house with beautiful surroundings and a well-designed interior, but most importantly a house that is complete and beautiful. But it can’t be a home without a well-designed kitchen area. A kitchen space should have it all – from an attractive interior to elegant kitchen utensils and appliances. Women from around the globe love to flaunt their kitchen interior in front of others. When you look for a perfect kitchen you go for the most upgraded appliances along with the latest technology.

These days if you go to a store to purchase kitchen appliances then you might have witnessed the combos for the appliances, and people always opting for the combos instead of going for the separate machines. Combos work efficiently in a way that saves time and money. Whenever you’re purchasing brand new appliances for your residence, always look for multiple functions in a singular appliance.

In situations like these you can buy a cooking range, as it turns out to be one of the best cooking models with a perfect mixture of many appliances. In most of the cooking ranges you get three appliances in one – that is a cooking stove top, griller and oven. Appliances like cooking ranges offer you different varieties of appliances and enables the option to make variations in everyday meals with ease. When you have a larger family, sometimes you receive different requests for meals from each family member. In this case you can fulfill all the special requests of your family without spending an entire day in the kitchen. Combination appliances save time and allow you to spend more time relaxing with your family.

Apart from the family, you might have witnessed situations where unexpected guests visit and you start worrying about dinner. With the help of a cooking range, you can prepare a meal for your guests in no time and receive compliments that evening.

Cooking ranges come with an oven, and with the oven you know you can satisfy the taste buds of the people who like bakery type foods but can’t go out to eat the bakery type baked goods because of the excess sugar in it. Oven options enables you to bake at home, for example if it’s your anniversary and you’re running out of time then you can surprise your beloved by baking a delicious cake at home. With this oven feature attached you can save the money you’ve been willing to spend on a separate microwave which allows you to heat up your food but doesn’t come with the special feature of baking.

These few things always help when one thinks about buying a cooking range, as most of the time people say cooking ranges are not that useful – but in real life it saves you from spending extra money. Finally, be sure to check the space and dimensions of your kitchen before getting a cooking range installed in it.

Gas Grill Safety 150 150 Elite Gas

Gas Grill Safety

For most of us nothing can beat the smell of food on the grill. Nothing gets us more excited than lip-smacking barbeque delights. Three out of every five households have a gas grill to grill delicious barbeque. But with gas grills, the risk of home fires also increases. Many house fires have been shown to start as a result of using a grill. Almost half of these injuries which involved grilling were due to thermal burns. It’s alarming to know that July, followed by May, June and August, are usually the peak months for such mishaps.

Despite the amazing advantages of having and using a gas grill, a higher number of home fires are caused by these compared to their old charcoal counterparts. A failure in cleaning the gas grill can be a leading factor in contributing to a fire. That is why it is advised not to keep anything that can catch fire easily too close to the grill.

As you might know, there are two types of gas grills, natural gas and propane. Often times, natural gas grills are kept on patios or decks while the propane ones can be placed just about anywhere. Whichever kind of gas grill you use, you should be sure that along with cooking a satisfying meal, you’re also concerned with your safety.

The structure of most of the natural gas grills is that they remain stationary. Natural gas based grills are attached to the gas line in your home. If you’re grill is properly attached, you will face no problems associated with leaks. You might be surprised to learn that most natural gas suppliers add a smell to the gas. On the off chance that there’s a leak, you’ll know immediately. Every time you use your natural gas grill you should always light it with the lid kept open. Spark igniters will light the burner, so insert a lighted match to be on the safer side. We advise you to never use an enclosed deck or patio in places like a garage doorway.

Portable propane gas grills have tanks attached to them. The size of the propane tank is determined by the size of your grill. The size won’t be an issue if you ensure the propane tank is firmly attached and has no leaks before you ignite the grill. Yet, having a leak detection solution is the best solution for optimal safety.

Always light the propane gas grill with the lid open. When propane stands are not attached to the grill, keep them standing upwards. Never smoke or allow someone else to smoke around a propane gas grill. Most importantly, never allow children to play with the grill or its parts. Whichever grill you use, always have the owner’s manual for your grill readily available. Following the instructions that come with it is essential. This is one the best ways to maintain safety while you use your gas grill.