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The Many Uses of Propane 150 150 Elite Gas

The Many Uses of Propane



It is important to know the various uses of propane before installing it in your home. Only after having gathered all the information related to the different activities in your house such as cooking, heating etc. can you opt for setting up a regular propane delivery service to your house.


The most common use of propane is for cooking appliances either indoors or outdoors. Appliances such as a stove or oven in your kitchen, or outdoor grills, make use of propane as a cooking gas. Outdoor grills that utilize propane do not require much clean up after using them as they produce substantially less smoke. Moreover, there is no chance of the charcoal odor being transferred to the food. The flames are produced evenly and the grill can be switched on and off very quickly. Propane is a very efficient and safe cooking fuel that makes your cooking hassle free. It offers many benefits when compared to electric burners and ovens. You have the advantage of even heat control that is not commonly found in electric burners.

Indoor Heating

Propane can be utilized for many household activities. One of them is obviously the heating of the interior of the house. Explore its usefulness for ideas such as heat lamps – and keep all the rooms warm and cozy in the winter. You can even consider connecting it to an alternative heat source. Propane is a very good alternative to electricity. The units using propane are more reliable during the winters and very useful for acutely cold climate.

Water Heating

Propane is also used to heat water in houses. Propane can be used in both tank-less water heaters as well as water heaters with traditional storage tanks. It is a much better choice over electric water heaters as propane powered tanks, apart from heating quickly, are also eco-friendly and energy efficient. This results in saving a lot of money for your water bills.


Laundry is another important matter where propane can be used effectively. While a propane heater provides you with warm water, you can use propane dryers for providing warm air to dry clothes. The propane which is used elsewhere in the house can be easily be used in propane dryers as well since the propane requirements for laundry drying is minimal.

Backup power

Propane generators are very useful whenever there is a power outage. Even though a propane generator might not be able to power up all your appliances, you can still run most of them – quite a few devices & appliances in the unlikely event of a power outage. Knowing that you will never have to spend cold winter nights without a heater gives much needed peace of mind as well!